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  • Trademark Finishing And Starching Machine
    Trademark Finishing And Starching Machine
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    boylesports golf specials,Trademark Finishing And Starching Machine is suitable for polishing and pressing of label and other various weaving bands. Trademark Finishing And Starching Machine has 6 heating barrel and 1 cooling barrel working at the same speed, low temperature starching to avoid raw material and shape damaged.

  • Finishing and Starching Machine
    Finishing and Starching Machine
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    Ribbon finishing and starching machine, also known as an electric ironing machine, belongs to the electric heating types machine, which can complete the sizing and starching of the ribbons at the same time to upgrade the quality of the tape. KY-12 ribbon finishing and starching machine, uses 12 piece of heating cylinder to heat setting for ribbon, and adjust the temperature according to different materials. Suitable for ribbon with a thickness of less than 3mm and a bandwidth of less than 4cm. If the thickness of the webbing exceeds 3mm or the bandwidth is more than 4cm, you can choose the same series, by 14 piece or 16 piece of heating cylinder.,football games apps free download

  • Multi-function Finishing & Starching Machine
    Multi-function Finishing & Starching Machine
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    MINI-80 Multi-function Finishing And Starching Machine according to the heating type are divided into electric type and gas type. That completed with electric heated starching tank, washing tank and twin drying cylinder by heater (φ20"*185cm), the temperature can be adjusted to suit various kinds of tape, maximum up to 350℃. In addition, the finishing and starching machine has heated type dyeing tank, suitable for the dyeing of light-color nylon, cotton yarn, and the tape of Non-polyester quality. Due to high temperature, it is not suggested to use non- polyester. Different ribbons need to be ironed at the same time, the order should be elastic, thin strip, thick strip. (Temperature from low to high.),free casino games online for fun

  • Trademark Finishing And Starching Machine Series
    Trademark Finishing And Starching Machine Series

    football match time,Trademark finishing and starching machine suitable for various of labels. This series has three kinds of machines for label finishing and starching. The functions of the three machines are different. There are machines suitable for processing and ironing the whole roll of trademark tape, and there are also small machines that can be used for processing and ironing a single trademark, or the skew of the trademark tape needs to be corrected and adjusted.

  • Ribbon Finishing And Starching Machine Series
    Ribbon Finishing And Starching Machine Series

    Ribbon finishing and starching machine suitable all types of webbing to starching and ironing. best online bookies offers's ribbon finishing and starching machine have two heating ways to choice that electric-heating and gas-heating. Electric heating features a quick and stable heating performance, quickly increasing the webbing surface temperature. The temperature can also be adjusted according to customer produce. The gas heating method features an auto-ignition system and electromagnetic control valve, ensuring easy and safe operation. According to the customer webbing types and the materials select the applicable machines, to improve the quality of the finished product.,free india slots online

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best online bookies offers Delicate Machine Co., Ltd. is Taiwan high speed automatic needle loom machine manufacturer and Finishing And Starching Machine [Model:]query::spec_model supplier with more than 57 years experence. Since 1964, in the textile machinery industry, best online bookies offers (KY) has been offering our customers high quality Finishing And Starching Machine production service. With both advanced technology and 57 years experience, best online bookies offers (KY) always make sure to meet each customer's demand.,free goldfish slot machine