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The Right Look for the Right Woman

Dressing to look good is an art, and something that most women aspire to, and whatever your style ideas, personality has a lot to do with the choice of attire. Clothing is the biggest fashion accessory we have, and the trend conscious female will look for something that enhances what she already has, rather than taking something away from her uniqueness. Choosing the right outfit needn’t be such a hassle, and with the right advice, you can look good all year round.

Get rid of the old

Change must begin from within, so donate all your old outfits to a charity, and this will eliminate the temptation to resort to old images, which really do not do anything for the wearer. A wardrobe clear out should be a bi-annual affair, and resist the temptation to hold on to old concepts, and the new will bring a breath of fresh air into your life.  The modern look calls for a sleek appearance, and a down jacket fits the bill, and will keep the chills away during the colder months. Online suppliers can offer well=known brands at cheaper prices than the retailers as they do not have the huge overheads that the high street vendor must pay.

Think hair

Your hairstyle will complement the right attire, so make sure you have the right cut for your personality. Short, tidy cuts are in, and with tints, one can make that statement. Clip-on hair extensions give you the option for a long hair look, and if you want to go long for an extended period, hair transplants can achieve any look.

Seasonal colours

Blue is in for the winter and autumn look, and of course, green and yellow are always welcome when the sun shines. Make sure you choose a colour that goes with your hair, as a mismatch can look somewhat out of place. Lavenders are ideal for blondes and brunettes, and red always complements dark hair, however you wear it.


This is an essential accessory, if you want to say something, and there are so many styles, so finding the right combination won’t be too hard. Whether you want sleek or chunky, the choices are out there, so try to match the jewellery with the image you want to create. Bright bracelets look good on the younger person, so if you are on the downslope, avoid too much glitz, and go for something a little more moderate.

The shoes

Like it or not, what you wear on your feet has a dramatic effect on the image you are trying to create, so try to gauge it right. We all like to feel comfortable when walking, so impractical designs are best left to the extreme fashion gurus. Of course, there are certain situations where one must take the plunge and don a pair of uncomfortable foot platforms, but try not to let these aesthetic creations support your weight for too long. Whatever you decide to wear, your shoes should complement the outfit, and with modern materials and textures, this can easily be achieved.

Looking good is all about feeling the part, so go with your intuition when it comes to costume choice, and your confidence will make its mark on the concept, and you will turn heads!


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